Thursday, 15 March 2012

Illamasqua Rich Liquid Review

I know i'm always blogging about Illamasqua products in particular but you lot can't miss out on this one. I am in love with Illamasqua's rich liquid. I'm particularly in love with the white one and jet black one.

The white one has been my best friend over the last few days. I went out dress as Frankenstein (was so embarrassing Halloween fancy dress ... of course i was the only one who did their make-up everyone else just wore a pair of fangs so i stuck out like a sore thumb, had people shouting out FRANKIE at me all night and people kept messing with the bolts on my neck, and 4 showers later ONLY just got rid of the green HAHAHA but was so worth it.)

Anyway it's great for highlighting and photographs AMAZING!!! I also used the black one for contouring. I applied the base which is a dark green supracolour from screenface (buy that palette ALWAYS comes in handy) and then applied the white and black over the top for contouring and blended with my fingers.
Also did a UV shoot and used skin base on my model but mixed in a bit of white rich liquid so when the model was under the UV lights she looked blue. Also was a great base underneath the lipstick made the colour really come out under the lights.

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