Saturday, 17 March 2012

Dr Alex Box

This woman needs no introduction. She is the most inspirational makeup artist and woman. I'd being set for life if i was half the make-up artist she is. She came to my uni this week to do an demonstration it was incredible to watch her work. I learnt so much in the hour watching her it was breathtaking. She was recently awarded an Honorary Doctor of design (so jealous). She was also awarded the 2nd most inspirational woman in the last 100 years by Stylist. What a inspiration!!! This is what was said:

2) Alex Box

Alex Box has been voted the second most inpirational woman over the past 100 years. Alex is a highly creative make-up artist with a flair for the exotic, the extreme, and the flamboyant. She's the Creative Director of cult make-up brand Illamasqua which takes its inspiration from the roaring '20s club scene. Box has worked with fashion heroes such as Nick Knight, Karl Lagerfeld and Stella McCartney, but beyond her stellar credentials, she encourages women to look and bedifferent. One of Alex’s top makeup tips is that there are “no rules” when it comes to makeup, and that “you are your own creation”. Inspiring stuff.
Alex strikes a special cord with many woman, and some of her voters described her as being a “daily inspiration”, “empowering” and that Alex helps women "dare to be different".

I've met her before at the school of make-up at Illamasqua.  I asked her what is her favourite thing to do in makeup and she replied with make mistakes. She is so amazing she inspires me to break the rules and push the boundaries with make-up. She see's the face as a black canvas and that's the same as what I see. Her work is so unique and beautiful. I have her book, by it people you won't be disappointed. She's so down to earth and she makes me a better make-up artist. Because of her i can show the thoughts and feelings that go through my head without words, i can express myself in a whole new way.

if she ever reads this CONGRATULATIONS on everything :D

Thursday, 15 March 2012

I've been Nominated for a NaSTA AWARD!!!

Hey everyone.
I'm so excited, i've been nominated for a NaSTA award.
This is NaSTA
It is the National Student Television Association.
I re-did my 'How to...' video's.
The video's in HD no retouching SCARY. I was nominated for my how to do a smokey eye vidoe.
Take a look
Every week a new video will be put up, the next one's this friday so don't forget to put it in your diaries and don't miss out.
Let me know what you think, even the haters?!?!?!

Illamasqua Rich Liquid Review

I know i'm always blogging about Illamasqua products in particular but you lot can't miss out on this one. I am in love with Illamasqua's rich liquid. I'm particularly in love with the white one and jet black one.

The white one has been my best friend over the last few days. I went out dress as Frankenstein (was so embarrassing Halloween fancy dress ... of course i was the only one who did their make-up everyone else just wore a pair of fangs so i stuck out like a sore thumb, had people shouting out FRANKIE at me all night and people kept messing with the bolts on my neck, and 4 showers later ONLY just got rid of the green HAHAHA but was so worth it.)

Anyway it's great for highlighting and photographs AMAZING!!! I also used the black one for contouring. I applied the base which is a dark green supracolour from screenface (buy that palette ALWAYS comes in handy) and then applied the white and black over the top for contouring and blended with my fingers.
Also did a UV shoot and used skin base on my model but mixed in a bit of white rich liquid so when the model was under the UV lights she looked blue. Also was a great base underneath the lipstick made the colour really come out under the lights.